Oh hi there.

Jim here—your friendly neighbourhood thinker here. Thanks for stopping by to see what this is all about and giving me a few minutes of your time!

So, here’s the plan. What’s important to me is engaging in ongoing conversation about things that matter. And taking a look around, it seems obvious that faith of some kind matters. Not to everyone but possibly to you if you’ve come here.

I’m not interested in clichés, empty hype or converting people to my belief system. I’m interested in meaningful relationships and a genuine wrestling with ideas and holding them up to questioning to work out what really matters so that we can give our time to what we feel really does matter.

Many people I know have unfortunately often felt that certain questions or topics about faith and the Bible aren’t up for conversation in their communities (Maybe it’s afterlife doubts. Or who is included? Why does God allow suffering? Did Jesus have to die? Does prayer work? Is God really vengeful? Why does God seem so different throughout the Bible? And so many more…) and so I will use this platform as a way to initiate thought and hopefully conversation around some of these matters.

My goal isn’t to provide yet another place for people to argue online. There’s too much of that already, but rather this is a place for those who are perhaps unsettled or feel on the fringes of their faith community, or just have some questions and uncertainties, that maybe we can explore together.

If areas of your faith have at times unraveled, if you’ve felt unsure about parts of it but also unsure about whether or not you’re even allowed to talk about it, well you’re allowed here (as if you need permission). Let’s ask questions and dig together.

Wherever you’re at in your thoughts on these kinds of things, I look forward to the ongoing conversation.

Please, comment below, stay in touch and share this with friends who might like being part of something like this.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.



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